19/5 matches

i can’t love what’s important to you 

sit besides me on the bed in the pull-drawn morning

surrounded by sunlight, clear as glass

i can’t love what’s important to you 

strike a match off my skin and we will start to see each other

sit in the sun, earth, sit in the dirt and look me 

i’d take myself out of existence

strike a match and look at me

sit in the sun, earth

strike a match

19/5 seasons

i love the seasons and i love being cold 

sitting in your car, in the school parking lot, freezing, listening to songs that make you feel more isolated that you know you are 

i want to be warm 

i want to drive home from a beach adventure with my friends 

beach adventure with your friends and you’re driving home 

thinking about how being alive and in this place is simultaneously the most beautiful and gut-wrenching thing you can think of

wearing a jacket because it can protect you from the world outside of your reach, i am sitting in my car in the school parking lot, crying 

i am isolated, i am surrounded by friends

i am listening to music and sharing experiences, pieces of life 

i am home and i am alone 

i want to be cold